W12 Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine With 4 Rolls

• It’s Easy to operate, rich shape bend;
• CNC control, digital readout for position of each rollers. High accuracy and precision circle.
• Full hydraulic drive, high efficiency and energy saving. The drive power is equivalent to the traditional 60%;
• Once forming, the productivity is high 50-80% than three roller bending machine;
• Aligning the material is convenient and accurate, avoid the wrong side phenomenon;
• Cone bending device;
• Permanent lubrication (bearing life without refueling);
• The top and bottom roller clamp the plate during rolling without slipping;
• The minimum bending diameter of the cylinder can reach 1.1 times the diameter of the top roller. The surplus flat edge is smaller than any other type of plate rolling machine;
• The carrying device, feeding device and support device can be installed easily;
• CE certified.