W11S Middle And Small Type Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine

> This machine is a special equipment to roll the plate into curve, cylinder, conical in the principle of three point circle. The action as below:
> Top roller move by vertical. Power: hydraulic oil tank.Role: put the pressure on the plate to make the plate bending deformation.
> Top oller move by horizontal.Power: electromotor. Role: adjust the horizontal distance between the top and bottom roller to make the top and bottom roller position in asymmetrical to pre pend the sheet edge and decline the length of the flat zone.
> Bottom roller rotate. Power: electromotor. Role: supply the torque for bending plate.
> Opening device drop down and reset. Power: hydraulic oil tank. Role: take out the finished workpiece.


• The upper roller is designed as drum shape. Support roller install in the lower of bottom roller to help bending a perfect cylinder from thin to thick plate.
• Special bending craft, high precision pre-bending of the edge, digital control for bending process.
• Rich shape bend such as O,U, R etc.
• Cone bending device for conical bend easily.
• Whole chassis, simple ground foundation, it’s convenient to move the workplace.
• According to the role or requirement of customer, economic digital display type or TNC digital control type is optional.
• CE certificate.