W11H Hydraulic Arc Adjust Plate Rolling Machine With 3 Rolls

Double pinch function, pre-bending, roll and correct roundness can be finished without return once feeding the plate. Three drive rolls, the top roller fixed.Two bottom rollers move by an arc along a fix rotary center. Two bottom rollers can lifting up and down at the same time or by separately. The rotate of top roller and the lifting of two bottom rollers transmitted by hydraulic. Digital readout for lifting displacement.


• Italy technical.
• Movable control panel, easy to operate.
• Digital readout for two bottom rollers lifting displacement, high precision cylinder.
• Two bottom rollers lifting by arc, leverage increase the forming force.
• Three drive rolls, good rolling function for any thickness plate sending.
• The plate always in the state of clamping during rolling process, without slipping.
• The same diameter for three working rollers;
• Three rollers can get very close, small diameter tube can be bent and check cylinder.
• Cone bending attachment.
• CE certificate.

Working Principle