Turn-Mill Machining Center
580mm X Axis Travel Plus, an extra-long work table provides a large tool mounting area. This allows for a large number and variety of table mounted tooling options. This capacity makes the SL580M a powerful, “single set-up” turning center for turning, milling, tapping and drilling operations in a single part production cycle. Smart operators can combine operations into a single machining center-saving on capital input an operating costs. SL580M owners report they have gained a competitive advantage with the addition of these machines to their production system.

Machine Characteristics
• High quality castings provide optimal damping – reducing vibration and increasing rigidity. Best assurance of quality surface finishes.
• Advances 90˚ vertical machine structure optimizes chip and coolant flow – PLUS, provides easy operator access for work and tool set-up.
• Single Set-up allows for turning, milling, drilling and tapping operations.
• Capable of C axis and 4 axis simultaneous machining.
• Modular design with many available configurations – such as tall stock and tooling combinations.


Chuck/ Collet: 8” Hydraulic chuck/ Hydraulic collet
Max. swing over way cover: ∅380mm
Max. cutting length: chuck 280mm, *collet 320mm
Max. swing. Over slide: ∅90mm


Spindle type: A2-5
Spindle Bore: Ø48mm
Drawbar Capacity: Ø40mm
Max. Spindle speed: 3000rpm, *4500rpm
Spindle Power: 5.5/ 7.5 Kw


X Axis Travel: 580mm
Z Axis Travel: 320mm
Y Axis Travel: 150mm
X/ Y/ Z Rapid Traverse: 20/20/15 m/min


Toolpost Type: Gang type tools mixed with live tooling


Taper of tailstock: No
Travel of tailstock quill: No


Bed incline degree: 45˚
Guideway type: Linear motion


Power Capacity: 13Kva
Overall Dimension(L ×W ×H) 2320 ×1820 ×1900mm
Weight(about): 3600Kg