Machine Characteristics
Comprehensive priced CNC Turning Center – when you need a high quality CNC lathe that has BOTH – a high quality turret and tailstock.
Built atop the uniquely designed one-piece solid cast base and lathe bed found in the larger FTL lathe models.
• The tailstock is set on its own guide way, parallel to the main bed ways. This structure is highly rigid and accurate.
• Linear guideways are protected by telescoping stainless steel covers–maximizing ballscrew protection and extending tool life.
• Center mounted ball screws eliminate torque–providing better dynamic properties and greater stability over the life of the machine.
• Servo drives on X/Z axes. Spindle can be driven by VFD or Servo.
• Various control systems, chucks and tool mounting systems are available.

Standard Features
• Manual 3-Jaw Chuck
• 4-Station Tool Post Plus Gang Tool Plate
• Manual Tailstock
• Ergonomic Operator Panel Design & MPG
• Automatic Lubrication System
• Automatic Coolant System
• Work Lamp & Build-In Safety Features

Optional Features
• Different Chucks
• Different Control Systems
• 8-Station Turret (except FTL300)
• Hydraulic Tailstock
• Bar Feeder
• C Axis & Live Tooling
• C Axis & 12 Station Power Turret (for big model)


Chuck Size: 12″, *15″
Max.Swing Dia. Over Bed: Ø550mm
Max. Workpiece Length: 450mm/ 750mm/ 1250mm/ 1750mm
Max. Swing Dia. Over Slide: Ø350mm


Spindle Bore: Ø105mm
Max. Bar Capacity: Ø91mm
Spindle Nose: A2-11
Max. Spindle speed: 1000rpm
Spindle Power: 11.0kW, *15.0kW

Spindle Bore: *Ø105mm
Max. Bar Capacity: *Ø91mm
Spindle Nose: *A2-8
Max. Spindle speed: *2000rpm
Spindle Power: *11.0kW * 15.0kW

Spindle Bore: *Ø120mm
Max. Bar Capacity: *Ø110mm
Spindle Nose: *A2-11
Max. Spindle speed: *1000rpm
Spindle Power: *11.0kW, *15.0kW


X Axis Travel: 280mm
Z axis travel: 700mm/ 1000mm/ 1500mm/ 2000mm
X/Z axis rapid traverse: 15/15m/min, 20/20m/min


8-Station Turret,*12-Station Turret
No. of tool station: 8+2, *12+2


Manual, *Hydraulic
Quill Taper: MT5
Tailstock Quill Travel: 100mm


Bed Type/guideway: Flat/LM
Power Capacity: 18kVA
Overall Dimension(L×W×H): 3200x1600x2010mm(the shortest)
Weight(about): 4200Kgs/ 4500Kgs/ 5000Kgs/ 5300Kgs