WE67K CNC Series

WE67K CNC Series Electro-Hydraulic Synchronized Press Brake
1. Equips with servo main motor with the advantages of energy-saving and high efficiency.
2. DELEM numerical control system imported from Holland
3. It is suitable for bending all kinds of batch workpieces with high precision, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Configuration of Bending Machine

High quality servo motor system: imported from japan, high efficiency & energy saving,
reduced fuel tank capacity energy efficiency increases by 50% compared to traditional systems the machine runs faster.

Back Gauge X-R (Optional)
3+1 axis, 4+1 axis, 6+1 axis back gauge can be configured according to customer requirements.

Assist bending work, so that the work becomes comfortable and efficient. High quality hydraulic integrated system:
originally imported from Germany, High frequency response, high speed and stable operation of machine tools.

Inlet valve group


Precision quick clamping device
Easy to change mold, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.

Mechanical compensation

Hydraulic compensation

Single or double V mold (optional)

Spanish grating ruler (optional)

Supporting rack

Laser protection (optional)

Bending follow (optional)

Technical Parameters