WC67Y Series

WC67Y Series Torsional Axis Synchronous Press Brake
1. The frame is entirely welded with steel plates, machined integrally to ensure precision by CNC horizontal boring machine.
2. Hydraulic top-drive, stepless pressure adjustment and high quality sealing rings imported from overseas to ensure the machine tools reliability.
3. Mechanical synchronous mechanism and the complex compensation are designed os as to raise the workpieces precision.
4. The stroke and distance of the back gauge is adjusted electrically and manually. The adjustment is displayed digital meters.
5. Inch, single, continuous operation mode designed for the machine, dwell time was controlled by time relays.

Configuration of Bending Machine

Back Gauge

Ball Screw and Linear Guide

Mechanical Compensation Table (Optional)


Ordinary Clamp


CNC System Selection

ESTUN-E21 Digital Display System (Standard)

DA-41T Numerical Control System (Optional)

ESTUN-E300P Numerical Control System (Optional)

Technical Parameters