WC67Y Series

WC67Y Series Three-Cylinder Hydraulic Press Brake
1. The cylinder hydraulic bending machine has the function of fast forward, working and fast return. It is an ideal equipment of stainless steel processing, high strength plate processing and anti-theft door production of the ideal special equipment.
2. It adopts Delem CNC (CNC system optional). The pressure of intermediate cylinder is equipped with a special regulating mechanism. According to processing requirements, adjust the working pressure, to achieve perfect processing quality.
3, According to processing requirements, adjust the working pressure, in order to achieve perfect processing quality.
4. Fast approach and fast return when working hydraulic oil into three cylinders simultaneously the workpiece is pressurized to ensure pressure balance.
5. When the three cylinder are working, correct the deflection problem of the central part of the ordinary bending machine.

Configuration of Bending Machine

1. WE67K series adopt the same specification double-cylinder or triple-cylinder main engine, equipped with double machine linkage synchronization device.

2. Can process special long workpieces, expecially suitable for the processing and manufacturing of special long workpieces such as urban construction and road lamp poles and power poles.

3. Two machines can also be used separately to improve production efficiency.

WE67K series CNC large press bake

Technical Parameters