Machine Characteristics
Z-MaT’s CNC vertical machining centers are intricately designed devices that make a multitude of tasks much faster and easier than they would otherwise have been. Z-MaT’s CNC vertical machining center are at the advanced edge of technology, producing a new level of automation, reducing workloads for your operators and lowering labor costs. It is not only the latest technology that makes Z-MaT’s vertical machining center the market leaders; it is also their innovative design.
• Precision linear guideway on X/Y/Z axes-provide high speed rapids
• High quality castings provides a solid structure and foundation
• Full enclosed way covers
• Direct drive servo motors on all axes
• Drum or arm type ATC available
• High speed rapids standard-higher speeds available on axes and spindle.


Table size: 800x305mm
T slot: 14×3×85mm
Max load: 260Kg


X axis travel: 550mm
Y axis travel: 240mm
Z axis travel: 450mm
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse: 28/28/28m/min
Spindle nose to table: 50-500mm
Spindle center to column: 380mm
Guideway type: LM:XYZ


Spindle type: BT30
Spindle speed: 8000 rpm

Feed& Magazine

ATC capacity type: 12/Carousel
Max weight of tool: 3Kg

Dimension& Weight

Overall dimension(LxWxH): 2250x2000x2200mm
Weight(about): 2600Kg